The original ColdFusion based client for the Akismet API
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CFAkismet is the original Akismet client for ColdFusion. It was developed by Brandon Harper AKA @devnulled.

To read more about CFAkismet, please read the CFAkismet project page.

Important Notice

I honestly have not worked in ColdFusion since about 2006 which is when this project was probably last updated aside from me moving it to GitHub. The documentation that follows was originally written way back when. I have not tested this on modern versions of ColdFusion, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work any longer.


This project is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

How To Use CFAkismet

This is pretty much the extent of the documentation as it is a very simple project and API.

  1. Obtain an Akisment API Key
  2. Do a git pull of this project and grab the CFAkismet.cfc
  3. Look at the index.cfm at the root of this project for some example uses and basic tests

Housecleaning Items

I'm not sure that I ever got around to writing unit tests for this project, but there is some old as hell version of CFCUnit as part of this project. I'm pretty sure it can be safely ignored

As I really don't want to get back into ColdFusion by any means, I will likely not be updating this project at all.