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Custom Panels

Each panel is an object, in the form:

my_panel = {
    name: 'panel_name',
    template: '/absolute/path/to/template.jade',
    process: function(locals){
        // locals: {app, req, res, view, locals}

        // ... logic here ...
        return { locals: {/* my template locals */}};

Optionally, panels supports the following additional properties:

standalone: set this property to true to display this panel on the standalone express-debug mount


my_panel.initialize = function(app) {
    // perform initialization here, when the application loads


my_panel.request = function(req) {
    // perform initialization here, for every request


my_panel.finalize = function(req) {
    // finish up here, as soon as render is called


my_panel.pre_render = function(req) {
    // just before rendering


my_panel.post_render = function(req) {
    // just after rendering

The panels are provided two mixins: print_val, and print_obj. See express-debug/lib/templates/mixins.jade

The options parameter is optional, and allows you to pass in a custom sort option or depth (the max-depth to print recursively). If omitted, the default global setting will be used. The depth parameter is the current depth level of the call, so should be initially omitted, or if used with the options parameter, it should be falsey (0, null, undefined, false, '').

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