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# Import dependencies
import os
import time
import re
import json
import asyncio
import websockets
import slacker
# Import shortcuts dictionary
from shortcuts import shortcuts
# always use this
TOKEN = os.environ["SLACKAPIKEY"]
slack = slacker.Slacker(TOKEN)
def open_im_channel(user):
# Try to open an im channel
response =
except slacker.Error as e:
# If that fails print the error and continue
return None
return response.body.get('channel', {}).get('id')
async def chat_message(sentence, location_id, ws):
# Prepare message to send
body = {
'type': 'message',
'token': TOKEN,
'channel': location_id,
'text': sentence
# JSON encode it and send it
await ws.send(json.dumps(body))
async def scan_relevant_channels(user_id, user_title, channel_id, ws, shortcuts):
# Get the names of all the channels in the Slack group
channel_names = get_channel_names()
# Split what the user has entered as their "job title" into separate words
user_title = user_title.lower()
user_title = re.split(r"[\,\.\;\&\/\|\s]+", user_title)
print("Finding relevant channels...")
channels_to_suggest = []
# First check for shortcuts in title
for channel_name in shortcuts:
for shortcut in shortcuts[channel_name]:
if shortcut in user_title:
# Then check for existing channel titles
for channel_name in channel_names:
if channel_name in user_title:
print("Suggesting these channels:")
# Make all the channels into Slack links to the channels...
recommended_channels = []
for title in channels_to_suggest:
# ... as long as they're not already in the channel
if title in channel_names and not is_user_in_group(user_id, title):
recommended_channels.append('<#' + channel_names[title] + '>')
# Make a human-readable list of mentioned channels
mentioned_channels_text = ""
for mentioned_channel in channels_to_suggest:
mentioned_channels_text += mentioned_channel + ', '
# Trim the last ", "
mentioned_channels_text = mentioned_channels_text[:-2]
# Same as above for the channel links
recommended_channels_text = ""
for recommended_channel in recommended_channels:
recommended_channels_text += recommended_channel + ', '
recommended_channels_text = recommended_channels_text[:-2]
# Send message to user suggesting channels to join
if len(recommended_channels_text) > 0:
await chat_message(
"Hi, I noticed you've changed your profile and mentioned " + mentioned_channels_text + ". Why not join " + recommended_channels_text + "?",
channel_id, ws
# Check to see if a user is in a channel
def is_user_in_group(user_id, group_name):
# Get list of channels
user_groups = slack.channels.list().body.get('channels', [])
except slacker.Error as e:
return True
user_list = []
for group in user_groups:
if group['name'] == group_name:
user_list = group['members']
# This returns true if the user_id is in user_list, otherwise false
return user_id in user_list
# Get all the channel names from Slack
def get_channel_names():
user_groups = slack.channels.list().body.get('channels')
except slacker.Error as e:
return []
return {group['name']: group['id'] for group in user_groups}
# Get a channel id by name
def get_channel_id(channel_name):
user_groups = slack.channels.list().body['channels']
for group in user_groups:
if group['name'] == channel_name:
return group['id']
async def read_loop(uri):
ws = await websockets.connect(uri)
while True:
# Wait for the data from Slack to come in
json_data = await ws.recv()
# Decode it from JSON
data = json.loads(json_data)
# Print a confirmation, and print the actual data if it's of an unknown kind
print("Data received successfully of type " + data.get('type', ''))
if data.get('type', '') == '':
# If a user joins the devolio team
if data.get('type') == 'team_join':
# Get their user id and name
user_id = data.get('user', {}).get('id')
user_name = data.get('user', {}).get('name')
# Open im channel with user
im_channel_id = open_im_channel(user_id)
print("User @" + user_name + " has joined, sending welcome message")
# Send intro message
if im_channel_id is not None:
sentences = "Hey " + user_name + ", welcome to the Devolio Slack group!\n" \
"Please write your skills in your Slack profile (aka What I Do)," \
"So we can match you with other members and channels.\n" \
"Also, we'd love to hear a little about you - feel free to drop" \
"in on <#" + get_channel_id('intro') + "> and let everyone know what you're about.\n" \
"You can add your interests to your profile by clicking on your name, " \
"and then join channels for your various interests " \
"by clicking on that \"Channels\" link up near the top left." \
"\n\n" \
"A quick note about <#" + get_channel_id('_updates') + ">: please don't leave messages" \
"there, that's where the admins post updates. Thanks!"
await chat_message(sentences, im_channel_id, ws)
# If a user changes their preferences
if data.get('type') == "user_change":
# Get their user id and name
user_id = data.get('user', {}).get('id')
user_name = data.get('user', {}).get('name')
# Make sure im channel is open
im_channel_id = open_im_channel(user_id)
user_title = data.get('user', {}).get('profile', {}).get('title')
# Check to make sure the im channel exists, then find and prompt user for channels to join
if im_channel_id is not None and user_title is not None:
await scan_relevant_channels(user_id, user_title, im_channel_id, ws, shortcuts)
# If a user sends "hi" to Welcome Bot then respond
if data.get('type') == "message":
user_message = data.get('text')
channel_id = data.get('channel')
if user_message !='':
await chat_message(user_message + ", lol", channel_id, ws)
def get_rtm_uri():
rtm = slack.rtm.start()
body = rtm.body
except slacker.Error as e:
return None
return body.get('url')
# Check if this is the main application running (not imported)
if __name__ == '__main__':
ws_url = get_rtm_uri()
if ws_url is not None: