The NL Help U app helps to find your way in the Dutch society.
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NL Help U

NL Help U is an app to help asylum seekers who are permitted to stay in The Netherlands to find their way in the Dutch society.

For more information, see:

Where can I try the app?

The app is published in the Android Play Store:

Only an Android app is available at the moment, no other operating systems are supported (yet)

How does it work?

The app contains information about several services like DigiD, social wealthfare payments, bank accounts, health insurance. This helps in finding out what kind of things are to be considered, and how they can be arranged.

A lot of these services require a number of documents to be provided for applying to them. The app allows the user to take pictures of the documents and store them locally on the phone. This keeps track of the documents and allows them to be emailed in order for the application to be processed. This can either be done by the user, or by the 'assistant' of the user.

Note that no documents are stored on the internet whatsoever! All content is only available to the app itself.

How can I get it?

The app is published in the Android Play store:

How can I contribute?

You can help by:

  • Adding new features to the app (like setting reminders for requests and so on)
  • Adding or updating information within the app (new topics or new information regarding existing topcis)
  • Helping with translations (of new content or to other languages)
  • Create an iOS version of this app

Please feel free to create some pullrequests or contact us at:

Howto start development

When opening the app, you might get a message regarding missing properties (like: NL_HELP_U_RELEASE_STORE_FILE). To fix this, please add a file with the following content in [home-directory]/.gradle/