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This is a port of flixel to the Monkey language

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Flixel for Monkey

This is a port of flixel to the Monkey language. The port is translated from flixel v2.55 written by Adam 'Atomic' Saltsman.


Monkey v60 or higher

Supported targets

HTML5, Flash, Android, iOS, XNA, GLFW, PSM, Win8, WP8


  • For users with git installed:

    • Go to the Monkey modules directory
    • Do git clone flixel
    • Optionally. Do git submodule update --init to get bananas
  • For users without git:

Upgrade to new version

  • For users with git installed:

    • git pull
    • Optionally. Do git submodule update to update bananas
  • For users without git:

    • Download the latest version of the library from downloads directory
    • Replace flixel module content by archive data

Naming conventions

  • All-caps case (eg: 'ALLCAPS' ): Constants
  • Pascal case (eg: 'PascalCase' ): Globals, functions, class, methods, properties
  • Camel case (eg: 'camelCase' ): Fields, locals and function parameters


  • FlxSave currently is not ported
  • Debugger is absent
  • To build Windows Phone applications you must add a reference to Microsoft.Phone to the project



Import flixel


Function Main()
    New HelloWorld()
    Return 0
End Function

'Main class of the game
Class HelloWorld Extends FlxGame

    Method New()
        Super.New(640, 480, GetClass("HelloWorldState"))    
    End Method

    Method OnContentInit:Void()
        Register here all your assets, to use within application
        FlxAssetsManager.AddImage("ball", "graphics/ball.png")

        Now you can load an image in the game this way:
        Local sprite:FlxSprite = New FlxSprite(0, 0, "ball")
    End Method

End Class

'Main game state 
Class HelloWorldState Extends FlxState

    Method Create:Void()        
        Local helloWorld:FlxText = New FlxText(10, 10, 620, "Hello World!") 
        helloWorld.SetFormat(FlxText.SYSTEM_FONT, 16, FlxG.WHITE, FlxText.ALIGN_CENTER) 
    End Method

    Method Update:Void()
        'put your game logic here
        '... or here
    End Method

End Class

See more examples in the bananas folder.

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