Create particle systems for the Starling Framework using sprite sheet animations.
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Starling Extension: Animated Particle System

This Starling Extension allows you to create PD (Particle Designer) particle systems using animations from Sprite Sheets by passing a Starling TextureAtlas instance to the particle system constructor.

This extension depends on the Starling Framework: and the Starling-Extension-Particle-System:

Sample Code

The example directory contains a quick demonstration for creating a particle system of 500 animated birds. All artwork in the example belongs to Gamua/PrimaryFeather. A compiled version of the example can be seen here:

More information

Particle configurations can be created with the 71 Squared Particle Designer or the online Particle Editor. Sprite sheets can be created with Texture Packer or within the Flash IDE (or other sprite sheet generators). For the moment, sprite sheets should be created with equally sized rectangles (no clipping) - this is a known issue and is being worked. For more info, see: