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As of Meteor 1.3, this package is no longer maintained, in favour of using Dropzone from NPM. https://guide.meteor.com/using-npm-packages.html#client-npm


DropzoneJS is an open source library that provides drag'n'drop file uploads with image previews.


Intended for versions of Meteor 1.0


    meteor add dbarrett:dropzonejs


In your handlebar templates you can just include the template Dropzonejs:

    {{> dropzone url='http://somewebsite.com/upload' id='dropzoneDiv'}}

Which will post any uploaded files to the url of your choice.

id is optional, if you do not set one, a random string will be used. url is not optional you must pass a url to the template.


If you would like more control over your Dropzone. You can pass the full range of options found in the Dropzone documentation to the template e.g.

    {{> dropzone url='http://somewebsite.com/upload' id='dropzoneDiv' maxFiles=4}}

Or you can set the default options that every dropzone instance is instantiated with globally:

	Meteor.Dropzone.options.maxFiles = 4;

These will be overridden by any parameters set in the template helper.

A full list of options can be found in the Dropzone documentation

Example for upload on server.

Iron router is quite tricky for handling post data. Flow router is mostly for clietn side. Either you implement your own handler on a specific route or simply use: metor-upload-server

You can see an example-app using this method inside of the example-app directory.

First add the server to your packages.

meteor add tomi:upload-server

Thanks to tomi for his wonderful package.

Then use the following simple code in one of your server files:

  tmpDir: '/tmp/',
  uploadDir: '/var/www/upload/',
  checkCreateDirectories: true,
  uploadUrl: '/upload/',
  // *** For renaming files on server
  getFileName: function(file, formData) {
  	return new Date().getTime() + '-' + Math.floor((Math.random() * 10000) + 1) + '-' + file.name; 
  	// we get this value in the ajax response

Files can be renamed on the server as mentioned above. They can be used in the client as follows:

Template.tDropzone.onRendered(function () {
  var options = _.extend( {}, Meteor.Dropzone.options, this.data );
  // if your dropzone has an id, you can pinpoint it exactly and do various client side operations on it.
  if ( this.data.id ) {
    this.dropzone = new Dropzone( '#' + this.data.id + '.dropzone', options );

    var self = this;

    // this is how you get the response from the ajax call.
    this.dropzone.on('success', function(file, response) {
      var res = JSON.parse(response);
      file.fileNameOnServer = res.files[0].name;
  } else {
    this.$('.dropzone').dropzone( options );

Pull requests are very welcome