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devonfw VS Code extensions

The extensions included in this pack involve several aspects as Remote Development, Team Collaboration, Project Management, devonfw projects development, support for other interesting languages and technologies, code running, testing, linting and IDE configuration:


Microsoft Visual Studio Code

In order to install this package Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.51.0 at least must be installed. It is recommended to upgrade VS Code in any case.

Python support

The new Python extensions enable VS Code as a 1st class citizen Python IDE. We recommend to use tools like pyenv (here for Linux/macOS or here for Windows) to install multiple Python versions and make it local to every project.

C/C++ support

See C/C++ for Visual Studio Code for a Guide on how to configure and use the extension enabling C/C++ support for Visual Studio Code. This provides support for cross-platform C and C++ development using VS Code on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

AsciiDoc support

AsciiDoc extension comes with Asciidoctor.js library for preview bundled. If you want to use the Ruby version of Asciidoctor you need to change the AsciiDoc.use_asciidoctor_js setting to false.

In order to be able to use the AsciiDoc Ruby version you have to install Ruby on your system and the Asciidoctor tool running the following command in the terminal:

gem install asciidoctor


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