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Devon CLI

The devonfw-ide is shipped with a central command devon. The setup will automatically register this command so it is available in any shell on your system. This page describes the Command Line Interface (CLI) of this command.


Without any arguments the devon command will determine your DEVON_IDE_HOME and setup your environment variables automatically. In case you are not inside of a devonfw-ide folder the command will echo a message and do nothing.

[/]$ devon
You are not inside a devon IDE installation: /
[/]$ cd /projects/my-project/workspaces/test/my-git-repo
[my-git-repo]$ devon
devonfw-ide has environment variables have been set for /projects/my-project in workspace main
[my-git-repo]$ echo $DEVON_IDE_HOME
[my-git-repo]$ echo $JAVA_HOME


The devon command supports a pluggable set of commandlets. Such commandlet is provided as first argument to the devon command and my take additional arguments:

devon «commandlet» [«arg»]*

Technically a commandlet is a bash script located in $DEVON_IDE_HOME/scripts/command. So if you want to integrate another tool with devonfw-ide we are awaiting your pull-request.

The following commandlets are currently available:

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