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End to End (E2E) test framework - MrChecker
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MrChecker template

This repository includes a template to make test using MrChecker and an example.

How to use

To use this template the following steps have to be followed:

  • Download the template.

  • Import it as Maven project using and IDE like Eclipse or InteliJ.

  • Write the code to test an application.

What is included?


  • resources/ List of properties for each test module.

  • resources/secretData: File used to encrypt/decrypt sensitive data used during test execution. For safety please do not keep this file in repository, read more How to keep sensitive data .

  • resources/environments/environments.csv: List of variables with different values based of used test environment. Read more How to use test environments.

Classic Junit structure

  • test/java/com.capgemini.mrchecker/<Module_name>/junit: Folder which includes a java file ( with methods recommended to build a basic test.

  • main/java/com.capgemini.mrchecker/<Module_name>/: Contains a template ( with methods necessary to build a basic page object.

Cucumber structure

  • test/java/com.capgemini.mrchecker/cucumber: Folder to store the cucumber tests (

  • test/java/com.capgemini.mrchecker/cucumber/features: Directory to keep cucumber files with features for each test module (basicScenario.features).

  • test/java/com.capgemini.mrchecker/cucumber/stepdefs: Directory to keep cucumber files with steps definition for each test module.

  • test/java/com.capgemini.mrchecker/cucumber/shared: Directory to keep cucumber files with shared data tables for each test module.

The example folder also has a the following tests:

  • Test Data Driven (TDD) Inside test/java/com.capgemini.mrchecker/core/datadriven.

  • Behaviour Driven Development (BDD): Situated on test/java/com.capgemini.mrchecker/cucumber.

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