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Commits on Jul 05, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk clean up EOL whitespace f2dbbc7
Commits on Jul 06, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk rewrite + add tests
* This makes it dead simple to add more supported languages.
* Included is support for Coco and LiveScript, without
  depending on them.
  - This makes it possible to use import without having to
    add wrapping code to modify the extensions object.
* Also remove production dependency on Coffee-Script
* Smarter dependency detection and management.
* node ~>0.8.0 in package.json
@andrewrk andrewrk use optparse to parse args 2a44137
@andrewrk andrewrk compile with a top-level wrapper by default; --bare option 07ad5f6
@andrewrk andrewrk better error message when syntax error in compiled code
also fix cmd.js not properly escaping error messages
@andrewrk andrewrk return error code when tests fail 09ba896
@andrewrk andrewrk fix dev server crash if you change extension of dependency fda9a3f
@andrewrk andrewrk fix not detecting changes to root source file ff9e140
Commits on Jul 07, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk update readme 764b7df
@andrewrk andrewrk rename from `import` to `jspackage` 75d4e3f
@andrewrk andrewrk version bump to 0.0.1 255e57b
@andrewrk andrewrk readme formatting d049b78
@andrewrk andrewrk usage banner: change `import` to `jspackage` e14f61e
@andrewrk andrewrk version bump to 0.0.2 39558e5
@andrewrk andrewrk add --watch option a02d391
@andrewrk andrewrk remove the server functionality for being pointless 51a2487
@andrewrk andrewrk version bump to 0.1.0 710a0dc
@andrewrk andrewrk minor readme update 89691de
Commits on Jul 08, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk convert cmd.js to coffee 67d4936
@andrewrk andrewrk ability to specify extra search paths with --lib de84789
@andrewrk andrewrk version bump to 0.2.0 d010bec
@andrewrk andrewrk version bump. allow node.js 0.6.8 bb86f52
@andrewrk andrewrk refactor jspackage binary 038109e
Commits on Jul 09, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk readme: update cmd line usage 424445a
@andrewrk andrewrk fix server example in readme f0ef9bf
@andrewrk andrewrk leaving off extension when importing is enforced fd992ba
@andrewrk andrewrk bump version to 0.3.0 699072e
@andrewrk andrewrk include warning when using an extension on input_file 763a686
@andrewrk andrewrk version bump to 0.3.1 3c0f5f7
Commits on Jul 10, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk use `depend` syntax instead of `import` 747ccab
@andrewrk andrewrk ability to add a "bare" option to depend statements 9fb282d
@andrewrk andrewrk allow the user to specify input_file with a file extension 8c72008
@andrewrk andrewrk minor refactor b7d9c0e
@andrewrk andrewrk detect circular dependencies. Fixes #1 ac6c28f
@andrewrk andrewrk version bump to 0.4.0 f191f81
@andrewrk andrewrk fix regression 19e6e36
@andrewrk andrewrk version bump to 0.4.1 9e8c8f6
@andrewrk andrewrk minor refactor 7248801
@andrewrk andrewrk fix crash when dependency is missing 7a64c4c
@andrewrk andrewrk version bump to 0.4.2 0260ed6
Commits on Jul 11, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk change the build process d5fa8f3
Commits on Jul 12, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk delete generated files from repository; build into lib/ 787ecc6
@andrewrk andrewrk convert cmd to coco a228bf0
@andrewrk andrewrk convert test runner to coco 7addbe3
@andrewrk andrewrk convert jspackage to coco 37295ea
@andrewrk andrewrk version bump to 0.4.3 e14dfb3
@andrewrk andrewrk use coco 0.7.6 so we can have export const cc9aa60
Commits on Jul 13, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk add --version cmdline parameter 6caa376
@andrewrk andrewrk bump version to 0.4.4 937eb05
Commits on Jul 14, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk coco shorthand 2d35b65
@andrewrk andrewrk fix watch regression
version bump to 0.4.5
Commits on Jul 20, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk utilize coco's backcalls d0e4201
Commits on Jul 24, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk ability to programmatically stop watching 1300d55
Commits on Jul 25, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk extensions object tells you what npm module to require d4970ee
@andrewrk andrewrk add iced-coffee-script support 4920f43
@andrewrk andrewrk bump version to 0.4.6 d3f8157
@andrewrk andrewrk fix watch regression and bump version to 0.4.7 9620a88
Commits on Sep 05, 2012
@andrewrk andrewrk update dependencies 2d0305b
@andrewrk andrewrk remove byte order mark from source files. closes #6 fc04838
@andrewrk andrewrk Release 0.4.8 5010be0
@andrewrk andrewrk fix regression from coco bug bb9fc86
@andrewrk andrewrk Release 0.4.9 6319ba2
Commits on Mar 09, 2013
@andrewrk andrewrk convert to javascript, add test case 1904892
@andrewrk andrewrk fix iced-coffee-script tests 722a629
Commits on Mar 10, 2013
@andrewrk andrewrk better error message when can't resolve dependency bfe4162
@andrewrk andrewrk failing test case that should be fixed 9604fc1
@andrewrk andrewrk fix case where dependencies are rendered out of order
all tests passing again.
@andrewrk andrewrk Release 0.5.0 3762db4
@andrewrk andrewrk delete unnecessary file d0ed683
Commits on Mar 12, 2013
@andrewrk andrewrk update for node v0.10 08cea56
@andrewrk andrewrk fix travis img 39708b5
@andrewrk andrewrk fix travis yml 4276d2d
Commits on Nov 03, 2014
@andrewrk andrewrk deprecation notice 2153cd8
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