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A JavaScript data store queried by jQuery-like selectors
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jQuery DB - A JavaScript data store queried by jQuery-like selectors
By Devon Govett
Licence: Do whatever you want, just fork and hack away!


Step 1: Create a data store
	var db = new DataStore("awesome");
Step 2: Create some records and add them to the database
		foo: "bar",
		hello: "world"
Step 3: Find some records
	var records = db.get("awesome[foo=bar]")
Step 4: Do stuff with the records
	records.update("hello", "coder");
Step 5: Bind an event to be notified when data changes
	db.bind("awesome[hello!=coder]", function(event) {
		//do stuff (see Mutation Events, below, for details on the event object)
Table selector
 	db.get("tablename") //get all records in table
Attribute selector
 	db.get("tablename[attr=value]") //get records in tablename whose attribute "attr" equals "value"
 	db.get("tablename[attr!=value]") //get records in tablename whose attribute "attr" does not equal "value"
 	db.get("tablename[attr^=value]") //get records in tablename whose attribute "attr" starts with "value"
 	db.get("tablename[attr$=value]") //get records in tablename whose attribute "attr" ends with "value"
 	db.get("tablename[attr*=value]") //get records in tablename whose attribute "attr" contains "value"

Filter selectors
	db.get("tablename:first") //get the first record in tablename
	db.get("tablename:last") //get the last record in tablename
	db.get("tablename:even") //get all of the even indexed records in tablename
	db.get("tablename:odd") //get all of the odd indexed records in tablename
	db.get("tablename:eq(5)") //get the 5th record in tablename
	db.get("tablename:gt(5)") //get all of the the records with an index greater than 5 in tablename
	db.get("tablename:lt(5)") //get all of the the records with an index less than 5 in tablename
Loop through each record in the set
 	set.each(function(i) {
 		//do stuff
Get a specific record
 	set[index] //get the record at index from set
 	set.eq(index) //ditto
Filter the set
 	set.filter(":odd") //filter the set by a string selector
 	set.filter(function(i) { return i % 2; }) //filter the set by a function
Get a specific property from all records in the set"name") //return an array of all name properties in the set { return; }) //ditto
Update all records in the set
 	set.update(prop, val) //update all records in the set, setting prop to val
 	set.update({ foo: "bar", hello: "world" }) //update set with all changes in the hash
Remove all records from the set	
Add records to a table
	set.appendTo(tablename) //append the records in the set to tablename
	set.prependTo(tablename) //prepend the records in the set to tablename
	set.insertInto(tablename, index);
Mutation events (received from db.bind, see above) have the following properties
	type: one of the mutation types (append, prepend, insert, update, or remove)
	index: an array of modified indexes for insert update and remove events
	data: an array of objects being inserted for append, prepend and insert events
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