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PDFImage - embeds images in PDF documents
By Devon Govett
fs = require 'fs'
Data = require './data'
JPEG = require './image/jpeg'
PNG = require './image/png'
class PDFImage
@open: (src, label) ->
if Buffer.isBuffer(src)
data = src
if match = /^data:.+;base64,(.*)$/.exec(src)
data = new Buffer(match[1], 'base64')
data = fs.readFileSync src
return unless data
if data[0] is 0xff and data[1] is 0xd8
return new JPEG(data, label)
else if data[0] is 0x89 and data.toString('ascii', 1, 4) is 'PNG'
return new PNG(data, label)
throw new Error 'Unknown image format.'
module.exports = PDFImage
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