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Rotating on 90 and 270 degrees don't work #35

alFReD-NSH opened this Issue September 22, 2011 · 0 comments

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Farid Nouri Neshat Devon Govett
Farid Nouri Neshat

Example for this:

var coffee  = require('coffee-script'),
pdfkit  = require('pdfkit'),
pdfdoc = new pdfkit;

pdfdoc.rotate(90, {origin:[20,20]})


But if instead of 90 we use 90.0001, it works(90.00001 or smaller doesn't work). Same thing goes for 270 degrees.

xk xk referenced this issue from a commit in xk/pdfkit March 31, 2012
xk fix for issues #67 and #35
The PDF 1.3 Reference Manual says (4.3 numbers, page 37):
Exponential format for numbers (such as 1.0E3) is not supported.
Devon Govett devongovett referenced this issue from a commit April 03, 2012
Devon Govett Fix transformation issues. Closes #67, #68 and #35.
I think 5 decimal places is probably enough.
Devon Govett devongovett closed this April 03, 2012
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