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Program to back up IM logs to IMAP.

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Presently works with libpurple logs (Pidgin, Finch, possibly Adium, I don't know, I don't have a Mac). Uploads the logs one by one to your imap server specified by the file ~/.imbackup/config (look at config.example). imbackup is intended to run from cron.

So far this has only been tested on Ubuntu/Linux Mint, and against the dovecot IMAP server (


Ubuntu Setup:

sudo apt-get install python-beautifulsoup python-dateutil


Create ~/.imbackup/config with the following contents:

login: [imap username]
password: [imap password]
server: [address of imap host]
port: [imap server's port] [optional, default 143, 993 if ssl = true]
ssl: [true or false] [optional, default false]
folder: [name of the folder on the server to store messages] [optional, default imbackup]

Run imbackup:

cd imbackup/bin


  • test on other IMAP servers
  • test on adium's logs
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