Syntax highlighting playground for natural language
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- Update Procfile to `yarn start` rather than `node build/server.js`
- Add /build to .gitignore
- Add source map to serverside CSS loader
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$ git clone
$ cd aldine
$ yarn install


All commands defaults to development environment. You can set NODE_ENV to production or use the npm commands below.

# Running

$ npm start # This starts the app in development mode

# Starting it with the production build
$ NODE_ENV=production npm start # or
$ npm run start:prod

# Building

$ npm build # This builds the app in development mode

# Commands below builds the production build
$ NODE_ENV=production npm build # or
$ npm run build:prod

# Testing
$ npm test    # One-time run
$ grunt watch # Continuously runs tests every time a file is saved

Linters & Autoformatters


  • stylelint **/*.css lists all violations of formatting rules
  • stylefmt -r **/*.css -c .stylelintrc fixes some violations
  • .stylelintrc defines Aldine's CSS formatting rules


  • tslint --fix src/**/*.ts? fixes Typescript errors
  • tslint.json defines Aldine's Typescript formatting rules
  • Configuration for the Typescript compiler and ATL (Awesome Typescript Loader) is defined in tsconfig.json. These are enforced any time the project is compiled (e.g. npm start, npm test),