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DevOps Infra

Set of tools to help DevOps and Infra Engineers. All made by ChristophShyper.


  1. Dockerized framework with Terraform, Terragrunt, Python, Make, Docker, Git, and all needed components to easily manage cloud infrastructure.

    Makefile 99 25

  2. GitHub Action that will create a new commit and push it to the repository

    Shell 36 5

  3. GitHub Action that will create a pull request from the current branch

    Shell 46 17

  4. GitHub Action automatically formatting all HCL and TF files

    Dockerfile 8 1

  5. GitHub Action that will run TFlint on Terraform files.

    Dockerfile 12 3

  6. GitHub Action automatically copying variables' definitions from a single file to many modules

    Python 1 1


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