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This is the repo for managing

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Managing your event content

If you are on a local devopsdays team and you'd like to edit for your events, you're in the right place.

Guidelines for contributing event-specific content to this repository are outlined in If you intend to contribute (and we hope you do!), please take a moment to review that document so you can get set up correctly.

When you're ready to add content, instructions and utilities are available for managing sponsors, events, speakers, and more.

If you have to cancel your event

In the instance where you might need to cancel an event that is already listed on the website, follow these instructions to properly update the site.

Site-wide Hugo theme

You may find that you want to improve the site in some way that's not specific to your event. We use a custom Hugo theme, and reference documentation is available in devopsdays-theme's

The technical details for contributing to the site-wide theme's development are covered in devopsdays-theme's

Reporting problems & feature requests

If you discover a problem with the site that isn't specific to an event's content, please open an issue and prepend the title with [BUG].

If there is a feature that you would like to see, please open an issue and prepend the title with [ENHANCEMENT].

If you would like to help prioritize enhancements, please upvote the original issue by adding a reaction.