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DevOpsDC MeetUp and continuous RFP

For 2019 the DevOpsDC organizers are iterating on a revamped process for soliciting, tracking and scheduling speakers. We are replacing pull requests to this document with a process tracking speakers, and their proposals, as issues that we track on a GitHub project board as tasks with Kanban flow.

How to propose a topic

Open a Speaker proposal and complete it to the best of your ability. If the organizers are not responding within a few weeks feel free to comment on the issue to get our attention.

How to track your proposal

The proposal states are as following:


WIP limit: none

These are sketches of ideas that the DevOpsDC organizers need to follow up on, or that our proposers are still mulling over. GitHub notes should be converted to issues before moving to "Proposed".


WIP: Nothing older than 60 days

These are talks that are ready to go, or can be developed within two months. DevOpsDC organizers should either accept talks, or close them as not suitable for our MeetUp. Reasons for closing can include:

  • Topic needs to be further developed, or overlaps with recent content
  • Topic is too vendor-focussed (see below)
  • Speaker has presented too recently or too frequently
  • Topic is OK but we're unlikely to get to you in the next 12 months so let's not keep you waiting.

Vendors: We don't book proprietary product pitches, with a few exceptions for new companies that are based here in the DC area (e.g.: Fugue). If you want to talk to a larger problem area that our industry is tackling, and your product is less than 1/4 of the talk content, that's cool.


WIP: Nothing older than 6 months

Talks that need to scheduled. After 6 months, we should revisit whether we really want the talk or not. We try to schedule speakers at least 2 months ahead.


WIP: None?

Talks that are on the calendar. They stay open in case things go wrong and we need to reschedule.


These stay open so we can quickly reference who's talked in the last year. Before closing, we should ponder inviting them back if they have proven to be particularly compelling.


Current labels:

  • Tools and technology: What it says label: tools-tech
  • Culture and business: How we apply our practices and tools label: culture-change
  • Diverse voices: Ensure we have a broad range of viewpoints, and encourage all comers to practice DevOps label: diverse-voices
  • Lightning talk: Under 10 minutes. label: lightning-talk
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