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KrakenD API Gateway

Ultra-High performance API Gateway with middlewares

KrakenD Community Edition (or KrakenD-CE) is the binary distribution of KrakenD.

In this repository, you'll find the utils to build the KrakenD binary yourself. If you want to use KrakenD download the binary

KrakenD Site | Documentation | Blog | Twitter


Some of the features you get with KrakenD are:

  • Ultra-High performance API Gateway
  • Backend for Frontend
  • Efficient: Super low memory consumption with high traffic (usually under 50MB w/ +1000 concurrent) and even lower with low traffic (under 5MB)
  • Easy to use: Declaration of endpoints by just writing the /url/patterns/and/{variables}
  • Unlimited number of backends and endpoints associated with each endpoint. The limit is your kernel.
  • Aggregation of all the data in the backends for a single endpoint
  • Response composition and data manipulation (capture, groups, renames...)
  • Response filtering (whitelist and blacklist)
  • Concurrent API calls to the backend for the same request
  • Simple configuration: All application configuration and behavior declared in a krakend.json.
  • Friendly: No development needed to build your gateway. Use the Visual API Designer (UI to generate the krakend.json)
  • SSL
  • HTTP2 ready
  • Circuit breaker (fail fast and avoid smashing stressed backends)
  • Bursting on High-load
  • Logging and statistics of usage
  • API with statistics
  • Service Discovery: DNS SRV, ETCD or add your own
  • Multiple encodings supported (json, XML, RSS or response as single string)
  • Injections via DSL in the configuration (Martian)
  • Throttling: Limits of usage in the router and proxy layers.
  • User quota: Restrict usage of users by IP or custom headers
  • Basic Firewalling: Restrict connections by host, drop connections on certain limits
  • Automatic load balancing
  • HTTP Cache headers
  • In-memory backend response cache
  • Multiple installation options (bin, docker, rpm, deb, brew)
  • Cloud native
  • Loved by orchestrators (Kubernetes, Mesos + Marathon, Nomad, Docker Swarm, and others)
  • Secure:
    • Support for SSL
    • OAuth client grant
    • JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE)
    • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
    • Clickjacking protection
    • HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP)
    • MIME-Sniffing prevention
    • Cross-site scripting (XSS) protection
    • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)

For a more nice description of the features have a look in the website.

Gateway documentation

Full, comprehensive documentation is viewable on the KrakenD website:

Build Requirements

  • golang 1.11


    make build

Building with docker

If you don't have or don't want to install go you can build it using the golang docker container.

make docker_build


You can set up your fpm docker image to run setting DOCKER_FPM on the Makefile.

Using the generated packages

The package creates a krakend user to run the service and configures the service to run under systemd.

Linux Distributions

  • just any Linux (using the tar.gz)
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • CentOS/RedHat