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DevOps Party Games

DevOps Party Games takes the idea of "online party games" and tilts it on its head by adding DevOps-inspired content to existing games, and then streams it live via Twitch for a worldwide audience to watch, comment, and hopefully be entertained.


This is the website for DevOps Party Games built using Gatsby and hosted on Netlify.

Creating/updating episodes and people

There are a few steps to go about when creating a new episode. You will need to do the following:

  1. Add an entry to /data/episodes/episodes.json for the episodes
  2. Add entries to /data/people/people.json for any new players/hosts
  3. Add the episode social card image
  4. Add the players' headshot images

Data files

There are two main data files that need to be updated when there are new episodes; one for the episode and one for the players. There are also a few supporting configuration files as well, for games and seasons.


location: /data/episodes/episodes.json

Example for an episode:

  "id": "",
  "date": "2021-02-23T20:00:00-05:00",
  "title": "Now We're Cooking (Americas)",
  "slug": "s02e04",
  "region": "North America",
  "season": "2",
  "image": "s02e04.png",
  "ogimage": "s02e04-twittercard.png",
  "players": [
      "id": "julian.dunn",
      "score": 13
      "id": "alex.hidalgo",
      "score": 9
  "hosts": [
  "games": [
      "name": "quiplash",
      "result": ""
      "name": "drawful",
      "result": ""
  • id A unique identifier for the epsiode. We follow the convention of SEASON.EPISODE.REGION, i.e., or 2.5.emea
  • date The date and time the episode will air. Format is YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS-OFFSET. Example for an Americas episode: 2021-02-23T20:00:00-05:00
  • title Clever title for the episode. Do not prefix it with "DevOps Party Games -" as that gets added automatically
  • slug The path for Example: s02e04
  • region The "league" for the episode. Valid entries are North America or EMEA
  • season The season for the episode. This must match an ID in seasons/seasons.json
  • image[optional] The thumbnail image for the episode. If not provided, the default image will be used. This is relative to /static/images/episodes/ in the repo
  • ogimage The social media card for the episode. This is relative to /static/images/episodes/ in the repo
  • players[] The players for the episode. Fields for each player:
    • id The identifier of the player from /data/people/people.json
    • score [optional] The score for this player for the episode
  • hosts[] A string array of the episode hosts, using id from /data/people/people.json
  • games[] List of games for the episode. Fields for each game:
    • name The name of the game (should be lowercase) mapped to a game in /data/games/games.json
    • result [optional] Link to the game result URL on Jackbox.


location: /data/people/people.json

Example for a player:

  "id": "pete.cheslock",
  "name": "Pete Cheslock",
  "twitter": "petecheslock",
  "image": "pete-cheslock.jpg"
  • id The ID for the person. Used in the players and hosts fields for episodes.json
  • name Full name of the person
  • twitter Twitter handle with the @
  • image The filename for the person's photo. This should be 500px square. This path is relative to /static/images/people/ in the repo


These are the details on the various images that need to be created

  • Player headshot - Should be 500px square and named after the player's ID. Headshots should be stored in /static/images/people/. Example: /static/images/people/george.bluth.png
  • Episode Social Media Card - Use the template in Google Drive. Should be named SLUG-twittercard.png and stored in /static/images/episodes. Example: /static/images/episodes/s01e01-twittercard.png
  • Episode Image - This is optional, and is usually added after the episode (by taking a screenshot of a particually funny part of the game). You can create this in advance for some use cases if you want. Should be stored in /static/images/episodes/. Example: /static/images/episodes/s01e02.png