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A tool to generate a timeline for a person's life
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Inspired by Rand McNally's histomap, biograph allows you to visualise and share a personal history.

Biographs are maps of a person's time and existence. Like other maps, they do not capture the full depth and story of the terrain. They are instead guides for a journey and an exercise in considering and documenting the most meaningful parts of that slice of the universe.

Getting Started

You can build your biograph from a tsv blueprint or from a python blueprint.

A user guide to writing a can be found here.

A default biograph.css and index.html are provided for formatting. personal.css is available for those who wish to personalise the design of their biographs.

Sample workflows

./ -i blueprint.tsv -o timeline.svg draws timeline.svg based on blueprint.tsv.

./ -i -o timeline.svg draws timeline.svg based on

./ -t -o blueprint.tsv writes a blueprint.tsv from a


We, the creators, hope you get as much satisfaction from building and sharing your biographs as we did.

If you would like help building yours, or have some grand ideas for improving the general feel and design, or want to feed our longing to hear the stories of friends and strangers, you can send a ping to anjakefala or file an issue.

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