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Crossword Player

A compact and colorful terminal interface for solving crossword puzzles.


  • requires Python3 (no external library dependencies)
  • works in classic 80x25 terminal size (up to 21x21 puzzle)
  • requires 256-color terminal
  • supports crosswords in .xd format and AcrossLite .puz format
  • Install: pip3 install git+
  • Usage: xdplayer <file1.xd|file1.puz> ... <fileN.xd|fileN.puz>

There are some crosswords to play with in samples/ and a collection of xds on

xdplayer autosaves your progress. It will create and restore from a crosswordfilename-guesses.jsonl in the current directory or in the location set by the $TEAMDIR shell environment variable.

Keyboard Commands


  • Click on a grid square or a clue: jump to that position in the grid.
  • Arrow keys: move cursor to next grid position.
  • Shift+{Left,Right}Arrow: move to next clue in current fill direction.
  • Tab: change fill direction (across <-> down).


  • Letter or number: fill in grid position at cursor.
  • Backspace, Space, Delete: erase backward, forward, in-place.
  • Ctrl+R: insert rebus key in grid position at cursor; at the prompt, either add a new rebus word or enter the numeric key of a previously-added word.
  • Ctrl+S: commits to and checks your solution. The crosswordfilename-guesses.jsonl will be set to read-only, and "wrong" entries will be underlined.


  • Ctrl+X: enable hotkeys to cycle through display configurable options. These options are all set at the top of xdplayer/, should you wish to modify them.
  • Ctrl+Y: add a note to the current clue.
  • Ctrl+F/Ctrl+B or PageUp/PageDown: scroll forwards/backwards through notes for current clue.
  • Ctrl+N: move to the next puzzle.
  • Ctrl+Q: quit program.

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