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Main repo for Google Summer of Code 2019
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Main repo for Google Summer of Code 2019

Schedule for proposals and acceptance:

May 6 (18:00 UTC): Accepted student proposals announced

  • Congrats to Vinay Varma, who was selected as this year's student. Also welcome to Asmit Singh and Ujjwal Singh, who are also working on an allied project (Digital Bacillaria).

May 6 - May 27: Community Period Activities

  • May 15 (4pm UTC): participate in the session on the #office-hours channel in OpenWorm Slack.

  • participate in Open Data Day activities link. Interact with DevoZoo materials.

  • preview the OpenWorm/DevoWorm curriculum link.

  • May 31 (4pm UTC): Project presentation (15-20 minute presentation on your project). Link to this year's videos.

May 27: Coding Period Begins!

  • check back for paper presentation -- coming soon!
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