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How to work with Jupyter Notebooks:

  1. Install the latest version of iPython via the [Anaconda package](

      a) this will give you access to the package management system Conda.

      b) download installer for either Windows, Mac, or LINUX.

  1. Once installed, open the Navigator. One of the application in the "Home" tab should be Jupyter Notebooks. Click on "launch".

      a) upon launch, a CLI pop-up window should appear. If a browser window does not open to the proper location, navigate manually to "localhost:8888/tree".       This will be your local host (located on your own machine) for authoring notebooks.

      b) to create a notebook, select "New" and then select "Python" from the dropdown. Any kernel named "Python" is fine.

      c) this will open "Untitled.ipynb". Rename the document as you see fit.

  1. The fundamental unit of the Notebook are cells (windows labelled "In []:"). These cells accept input such as code, text, and Markdown.

      a) enter the input into the cell, make sure the selected input for that cell is set to either code or markdown (dropdown in the top menu), and then compile the       cell (click on the forward arrow icon in the top menu).

      b) a tutorial for creating and modifying notebooks can be found at


  1. please "save and checkpoint" your work. To do this, select the "File" dropdown from the top menu, and then the "Save and Checkpoint" option.

  2. to download the notebook, select the "File" dropdown from the top menu, and then the "Download" option.

  3. to upload to the DevoWorm Github repo, go to the repo site, then click on "upload files" from the menu above the existing files. You must be logged in to see the upload option.