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From developers, For developers

Devoxx and Voxxed Days are a set of international conferences.


This repository contains the code for the official Devoxx app, based on Gluon Mobile, for Android and iOS devices.


The app includes the following set of features:

  • Sessions catalogue
  • Session description
  • Speakers list
  • Speaker description
  • Sponsors list
  • Scan badge using QR scanner
  • Venue description and location on map
  • Vote on sessions after completion
  • Favorite sessions to get notification before session starts
  • Take notes based on each session

Source code is released as a sample of a professional Gluon Mobile application and therefore makes use of best practices.

Although these features are tailor made for Devoxx, other conferences can re-use most of the features. We encourage them to fork and use the source code. Please refer to our Wiki for complete description of the project and how to start development.

Getting Started

Before you clone and run the project, check the GluonFX plugin documentation.

For more details about the project, please refer to our Wiki.

Once you have cloned the project, with JDK 11, build it from the root:

mvn clean install

Then cd into the DevoxxClientMobile folder.


Run the application on JVM/HotSpot:

mvn gluonfx:run

Build a native image using:

mvn gluonfx:build

Run the native image app:

mvn gluonfx:nativerun


Build a native image for Android using:

mvn gluonfx:build -Pandroid

Package the native image as an 'apk' file:

mvn gluonfx:package -Pandroid

Install it on a connected android device:

mvn gluonfx:install -Pandroid

Run the installed app on a connected android device:

mvn gluonfx:nativerun -Pandroid


Build a native image for iOS using:

mvn gluonfx:build -Pios

Install and run the native image on a connected iOS device:

mvn gluonfx:nativerun -Pios

Create an IPA file (for submission to TestFlight or App Store):

mvn gluonfx:package -Pios


We appreciate your help!

We use github issue tracker for all bug reports and proposals.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Gluon support.

Gluon offers custom consulting services to develop cross-platform mobile applications. If you want to learn more, our services are detailed at

This source is released under the BSD license and is copyright by Gluon.


The official “Devoxx” mobile app







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