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Call for Paper frontent web application for speakers proposals
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Devoxx Call For Papers Application: Proposal module This application can be used to handle CFP requests, targeted at the Devoxx REST interface v2.

Used technologies:

  • HTML5
  • AngularJS
  • Angular-UI
  • Underscore.JS
  • Bootstrap.JS
  • Karma
  • Grunt
  • Bower
  • NodeJS
  • IstanbulJS

Setup global env

  • Install [nodejs] [1]
    • It comes with [npm] [2]
  • Have a look to [yeoman] [3]: it helps to scallfold an angular project with best practices
  • [sudo] npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower generator-angular generator-karma

Setup project env

  • cd path/to/project
  • npm install && bower install
    • npm install is configured with package.json and generates the directory node_modules
    • bower is configured with bower.json or bower.json and generates the directory app/components

Starts your application

  • grunt server
    • grunt is configured with Gruntfile.js

Build your app, including testing and optimization

  • grunt

Build static files

  • grunt static
  • This will create all the static files like speakers, schedule etc in the /dist directory

Update your project's dependencies

  • bower update
    • it update app/components directory

Update your project's build dependencies

  • npm update
    • it update node_modules directory


  • [Best practices] [4]

Built on CloudBees

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