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Introduction to Minecraft

This workshop is aimed at people who want to learn about the game of Minecraft.

Minecraft 101

What is Minecraft?

This section is copied from the Minecraft Modding with Forge book.

Minecraft is a 3D game about breaking and placing blocks to obtain materials. These materials can then be used to build or craft new items and tools. These, in turn, can be used to harvest more types of blocks. The game also contains entities, which are dynamic moving objects in Minecraft, for example, cow, pig, and horse. Some of the entities are hostile and called as monsters, for example, zombie and creeper. Bosses are monsters that are very hard to defeat.

Other activities in the game include exploration, gathering resources, crafting, and combat.

Player can travel to different worlds, or dimensions in gamespeak. The game contains three dimensions:

  1. The Overworld

  2. The Nether

  3. The End

The Overworld is like a normal wilderness on Earth. It has grass, trees, villages, and other normal things. The Nether is like a big cave system, and it is covered with lava and fire. Lots of hostile mobs spawn there, which makes it that much more dangerous. The End is the final dimension, and it is like a floating island. The island is made of End Stone and has Obsidian pillars on top. This dimension contains one of Minecraft’s bosses, the Ender Dragon.

The game is played in a map, which is a certain arrangement of blocks that defines how the world looks like. When a world is generated, it creates a seed that defines what the map looks like. The seed can also be specified during world creation. If same seed is used for two worlds, they will look exactly the same. You can also download maps made by other people and play on them.

Each player has their own inventory, which contains their blocks, items, and armor.

An important part to understand about Minecraft is that there is no “finishing” the game. The player can move between dimensions and build structures however he/she wants.

Single player vs Multiplayer

Five modes: Survival, Creative, Hardcore, Spectator, Adventure, Story?


  1. Exercise: Let’s move around the world

  2. Exercise: How to fly and jump

Entities, Items and Blocks

Example of Entities:

Example of Items:

Example of Blocks:

  1. Exercise: See all items in inventory and select items

  2. Exercise: Tools for harvesting blocks

  3. Exercise: Place and break some blocks

  4. Exercise: Build a house

Command Cheatsheet

  1. Change day → night, and vice versa

Minecraft 201


  1. Strip mining

  2. Cave mining


  1. Crafting

  2. Smelting


  1. Weapons (swords, bows, etc.)

  2. Monsters (Zombies, Skeletons, etc.)



  1. Portals

  2. Resources

  3. Enemies

  4. Bosses

Minecraft 301


  1. Brewing