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  1. Name (Project heading) : PLL(PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE LEARNER )
  2. Remote Centre ID (RC_ID) :1251
  3. College / Institute Name : Jaypee Institute of Information Technology.
  4. City, State, Pin Code :NOIDA UP , 201301

5. Name/’s of the Student : Prof. DEVPRIYA SONI, Team Members: Danesh khandelwal,Guarav Kansal,Ajay Garg.

  1. About (Short Description / Summary):

Our project goals is to create a programming language learning software that helps user to have good understanding of PLL starting from very basics. Our product is a android application that helps the user to study various PLL’s i.e are separated topic wise and are also supported with small but effective examples .

This APP helps user to evaluate themselves with given quizzes for each topic.This also provide a user with a viva-voce questions that are rapily asked in interviews and interview questions that are normally asked in entrance exams like( GATE ) .

We use different type of layouts to develop the product, which allows the product to easily run on a variety of android devices.

With keeping in mind the content and technical aspects , we have also focus on look and feel of the application ,we try to make our APP presentation appealing,so that it holds interest of user in APP . Our app also incorporates sound, graphics and animation into the product which create an exciting program for user to use for fun and learning.

  1. Install (Installation procedure): Step by step procedure to install software.

    a.) download the application on android device b.) Go to settings->security->click on install app from untrusted source c.) click on app icon d.)click on package installer option on opening of installation mode. e.) simply click on install button. f.) your app is ready to work on any android device

8. Usage (add instruction on how to use the app, or you can redirect to External link if you have one):-

  • Login page

In this page user have to provide username and password and is also provided with checkbox of “show password” and if user is new then user have to sign up through sign up button

  • Option Selection page

This is 1st window that would be opened with some beautiful UI . It contains 3 buttons

1.Language 2.Quiz 3.Papers

where user can select any one of option of choice

  • Language section page

After selection of Language page . we can select language to read and after selection of language. User would come across topic list through which user can read language topic wise.

  • Language reading page
This widow is also full graphic effects.It contains all the material to read and providing sliding drawer which can be opened by simply clicking on bottom centre in that you are provided

EditText-To write notes save notes button-to save notes display notes button-to display notes save bookmark button-to save bookmark

display bookmark button-to display bookmark on display notes page further on display notes page user would come across e-mail button through which user can send his/her saved notes by clicking on it.

  • Quiz Selection page
On selection of quiz button on 1st page . user would come across through 3 buttons

a.)c b.)c++ c.)java

user can choose any of one button to have quiz of specific page.

  • Quiz page

    This is page where quick quiz of 10 questions is to be taken. In this page user have one progress bar to show timer of 50 seconds which would increase after time by time.

    user is also provided with question below this with 4 options .User can select none or anyone of option and click on next button to have next question.

    If 10 question are completed then page is redirected to result page or display next question on same topic.

    We also have progress bar to show the success rate of user answers .

  • Papers Selection page

On selection of papers button on 1st page . user would come across through 3 buttons

a.)amazon b.)google c.)microsoft

user can choose any of one button to have interview question of specific Company .

  • Papers Display Page

On selection of specific company.User can access question of specific company and navigate through buttons provided on screen for different set.

  • Settings
Through Settings user can have customizing options for application .
Example:- a)can change font size b)can change font color c)can change welcome music d)can switch off welcome music
  1. Contact (email id or mailing list link/google-group)
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