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  1. Name (Project heading) : PROFILE SWITCHER
  2. Remote Centre ID (RC_ID) : 1251
  3. College / Institute Name : Jaypee Institute of Information Technology.
  4. City, State, Pin Code : Noida. Uttar Pradesh 201 304,

5. Name/’s of the Student : Dr. Charu, Team Members: Abhinav Tyagi, Divya Sethi, Gunjan Panjwani, Manisha Malhotra.

  1. About (Short Description / Summary): Profile Switcher is aimed for comforting the common people by providing a means for the users to easily find their phone when it is in silent mode and is misplaced. As the name suggest Profile Switcher is used to switch the profile of the phone from silent to general. Profile Switcher is android based application in which user can switch profile of the phone. The user can switch the profile by just sending a text message containing the profile key only which is set by the user.

7. Install (Installation procedure): a. Save Profile Switcher.apk file to your internal data or in SD card. b. Open file manager/ apk installer in your android device and click on Profile Switcher.apk twice and an error may occur asking you to mark for unknown resources, mark it and go back. c. Now you are asked to whether install or cancel, click on install and accept the usage menu. d. Your application is ready to use.

8. Usage (add instruction on how to use the app, or you can redirect to External link if you have one):- The user of this application is asked to set a profile key. Profile key is the key which will be used to change the profile of the phone. When the user’s phone is misplaced and is in silent mode then the user can send a message by any number on the number which is misplaced. The message sent should only be the profile key. When a messaged is received, the application checks whether it is a profile key or a general message. If it is a profile key, application switches the profile else it does not. The phone will switch the profile only when the profile key is messaged. This will switch the profile to general mode. As a result of which the phone will ring when called and the person can easily find his phone.

9. Contact (email id or mailing list link/google-group):-


Switches profile of a mobile



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