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DevShelf.us - Community driven reading shelf

Project is currently on hold until big rewrite, focusing on other content parsing solutions. If you're willing to support it, please PM @operatino.

Open source platform for collecting best articles and links about web development. Contribute, group information by tags, and vote for the best content!

DevShelf homepage || Contribute interesting articles


Install instructions

  1. Clone (this) core repo and articles repo
  2. Symlink devshelf-articles to core repo /articles-data
  3. Copy /core/options/_secure-options.json to /core/options/secure-options.json and fill cookie secret, github key for auth, mongodb credentials and prerender token
  4. Prepare your hosts file adding local.host as the alias to localhost (this is important for GH auth on localhost)
  5. Run npm run build && npm start and enjoy


To run functional tests, with running app use npm test