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Devsmeetup Freiburg

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Welcome to the Devsmeetup Freiburg, a monthly hangout for technology and development enthusiasts.

We cover a range of topics related to (software/hardware) development, project management and design. Exchange with like-minded people or just listen to the talk. We're looking forward to hearing from you and to see you at an upcomingevent.


Grünhof (Map)


Thanks to our sponsors (drinks and location):

Grünhof Co-Working, Gründungskultur, Café Pow!

Haufe Cloud and Desktop Solutions for Taxation, Legal, Bookkeeping, Learning, and Talent Management

inxmail E-Mail Marketing

Patronas Front und Middle Office Lösungen für die internationalen Wertpapiermärkte

Reservix Ticketingsoftware für Veranstalter


twitter/t3ndh twitter/sebastiansebald twitter/stmllr
Nico de Haen Sebastian Sebald Steffen Müller


  • Make sure you have installed Node (version 10+).

  • Install yarn

  • Available scripts:

    • yarn start: Build + start development server + opens the browser
    • yarn build: Build site

Some more context

  • We use parcel to create a static page.
  • We use pug to create HTML.
  • We use Sass to create the styles.
  • We use the Meetup API to fetch the upcoming meetup. The result will be passed to parcel via ENV (so visitors of the site do not need to call the API and we do not have to add more stuff to our privacy page 😉).