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tinytag is a library for reading music meta data of MP3, OGG, OPUS, MP4, M4A, FLAC, WMA and Wave files with python

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pip install tinytag


  • Read tags, length and cover images of audio files
  • supported formats
    • MP3 (ID3 v1, v1.1, v2.2, v2.3+)
    • Wave/RIFF
    • OGG
    • OPUS
    • FLAC
    • WMA
    • MP4/M4A/M4B
  • pure python, no dependencies
  • supports python 2.7 and 3.4 or higher
  • high test coverage
  • Just a few hundred lines of code (just include it in your project!)

tinytag only provides the minimum needed for reading MP3, OGG, OPUS, MP4, M4A, FLAC, WMA and Wave meta-data. It can determine track number, total tracks, title, artist, album, year, duration and more.

from tinytag import TinyTag
tag = TinyTag.get('/some/music.mp3')
print('This track is by %s.' % tag.artist)
print('It is %f seconds long.' % tag.duration)

Alternatively you can use tinytag directly on the command line:

$ python -m tinytag --format csv /some/music.mp3
> {"filename": "/some/music.mp3", "filesize": 30212227, "album": "Album", "albumartist": "Artist", "artist": "Artist", "audio_offset": null, "bitrate": 256, "channels": 2, "comment": null, "composer": null, "disc": "1", "disc_total": null, "duration": 10, "genre": null, "samplerate": 44100, "title": "Title", "track": "5", "track_total": null, "year": "2012"}

Check python -m tinytag --help for all CLI options, for example other output formats`

List of possible attributes you can get with TinyTag:

tag.album         # album as string
tag.albumartist   # album artist as string
tag.artist        # artist name as string
tag.audio_offset  # number of bytes before audio data begins
tag.bitrate       # bitrate in kBits/s
tag.comment       # file comment as string
tag.composer      # composer as string 
tag.disc          # disc number
tag.disc_total    # the total number of discs
tag.duration      # duration of the song in seconds
tag.filesize      # file size in bytes
tag.genre         # genre as string
tag.samplerate    # samples per second
tag.title         # title of the song
tag.track         # track number as string
tag.track_total   # total number of tracks as string
tag.year          # year or data as string

Additionally you can also get cover images from ID3 tags:

tag = TinyTag.get('/some/music.mp3', image=True)
image_data = tag.get_image()


  • 1.5.0 (2020-11-05):
    • fixed data type to always return str for disc, disc_total, track, track_total #97 (thanks to kostalski)
    • fixed package install being reported as UNKNOWN for some python/pip variations #90 (thanks to russpoutine)
    • Added automatic detection for certain MP4 file headers
  • 1.4.0 (2020-04-23):
    • detecting file types based on their magic header bytes, #85
    • fixed opus duration being wrong for files with lower sample rate #81
    • implemented support for binary paths #72
    • always cast mp3 bitrates to int, so that CBR and VBR output behaves the sam
    • made str deterministic and use json as output format
  • 1.3.0 (2020-03-09):
    • added option to ignore encoding errors ignore_errors #73
    • Improved text decoding for many malformed files
  • 1.2.2 (2019-04-13):
    • Improved stability when reading corrupted mp3 files
  • 1.2.1 (2019-04-13):
    • fixed wav files not correctly reporting the number of channels #61
  • 1.2.0 (2019-04-13):
    • using setup.cfg instead of (thanks to scivision)
    • added support for calling TinyTag.get with pathlib.Path (thanks to scivision)
    • added appveyor windows test CI (thanks to scivision)
    • using pytest instead of nosetest (thanks to scivision)
  • 1.1.0 (2019-04-13):
    • added new field "composer" (Thanks to Phil Borman)
  • 1.0.1 (2019-04-13):
    • fixed ID3 loading for files with corrupt header (thanks to Ian Homer)
    • fixed parsing of duration in wav file (thanks to Ian Homer)
  • 1.0.0 (2018-12-12):
    • added comment field
    • added wav-riff format support
    • use MP4 parser for m4b files
    • added simple cli tool
    • fix parsing of FLAC files with ID3 header (thanks to minus7)
    • added method TinyTag.is_supported(filename)
  • 0.19.0 (2018-02-11):
    • fixed corrupted images for some mp3s (#45)
  • 0.18.0 (2017-04-29):
    • fixed wrong bitrate and crash when parsing xing header
  • 0.17.0 (2016-10-02):
    • supporting ID3v2.2 images
  • 0.16.0 (2016-08-06):
    • MP4 cover image support
  • 0.15.2 (2016-08-06):
    • fixed crash for malformed MP4 files (#34)
  • 0.15.0 (2016-08-06):
    • fixed decoding of UTF-16LE ID3v2 Tags, improved overall stability
  • 0.14.0 (2016-06-05):
    • MP4/M4A and Opus support


Read music meta data and length of MP3, OGG, OPUS, MP4, M4A, FLAC, WMA and Wave files with python 2 or 3




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