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@FabianKramm FabianKramm released this Mar 20, 2019


  • devspace init now correctly detects Dockerfile EXPOSE statements
  • devspace analyze only considers container restarts important if they occured in the last 2 hours
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@FabianKramm FabianKramm released this Mar 20, 2019

New features:

  • devspace containerize will detect your programming language and create a Dockerfile for your application (was previously part of `devspace init, but can now be used separately)
  • devspace init now detects the application port based on the dockerfile


  • devspace remove space --all now also removes the kube contexts correctly
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@LukasGentele LukasGentele released this Mar 16, 2019


  • set env vars in windows as REG_EXPAND_SZ not REG_SZ (issue with long PATH variables)


  • add automatic setting of TILLER_NAMESPACE again
  • print warning that PATH might not be updated for already opened terminals (devspace install on windows)
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@FabianKramm FabianKramm released this Mar 12, 2019


  • fix an issue during devspace use space and devspace create space where setting environment variables took too long
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@FabianKramm FabianKramm released this Mar 11, 2019


  • New config schema version v1alpha3, you can run devspace update config to upgrade the config to the latest version.
  • devspace analyze only checks the events if a pod has an issue or a replicaset or statefulset cannot start a pod
  • dev.overrideImages.dockerfile && dev.overrideImages.context can be used to override dockerfile and context during devspace dev
  • devspace enter and devspace logs can now be used outside of a devspace project
  • New command devspace add component- Creates a new component in the chart/values.yaml based on some predefined components. To list all available components you can run devspace list available-components
  • New command devspace update chart - Updates the devspace helm chart to the newest version
  • New command devspace open - Opens the space domain in the browser
  • New command devspace ui - Opens the management ui in the browser
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Mar 11, 2019
Merge pull request #489 from devspace-cloud/cloud-refactor
Update examples
Mar 11, 2019
Merge pull request #485 from devspace-cloud/cloud-refactor
Check events on pod problems

@FabianKramm FabianKramm released this Feb 27, 2019


  • Fix issue where a github api warning was shown when upgrade couldn't find a newer version


  • New config option deployments[].helm.timeout to specify the amount of time helm will wait during deploy when wait is enabled
  • Reduced the default waiting time for helm install/upgrade chart to 40 seconds (If helm deploy times out, devspace will run devspace analyze and returns an error if it finds any issues -> this makes it much easier to find an issue with container starting or faulty dockerfiles)
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@LukasGentele LukasGentele released this Feb 25, 2019

Changes introduced in this pull request:


  • Removed internalRegistry from config
  • Removed registries.auth from config
  • Removed overwrite.yaml in favor of configs.yaml (more details below)
  • Removed --config-overwrite flags for devspace commands
  • Renamed devspace add service / devspace remove service / devspace list services to selector
  • devspace up does not run devspace init anymore if devspace project was not configured already

Major changes:

  • New helm chart (for more informations see
  • New devspace analyze command - analyzes a namespace for potential problems, like pods/containers not starting and warning events and prints a small report (for more informations see
  • Overriding docker image entrypoints in memory: (for more information see
    Devspace is now able to override docker image entrypoints during docker build time. It will append an ENTRYPOINT and CMD command to the Dockerfile in memory and leverage existing cached layers. This makes it possible to have a reliable and easy to understand way of overwriting a container image entrypoint for development, independent of the deployment strategy
  • Helm deploying:
    Devspace now replaces an image in the overwrite values and values.yaml for helm. For example a values.yaml with:
    myimage: mydockeruser/mydockerimage:latest
    will be rewritten in memory during devspace dev/deploy to myimage: mydockeruser/mydockerimage:JUSTBUILTTAG by devspace, so you can easily integrate existing charts with devspace. This makes it possible to create helm charts that have a custom values structure instead of using the previous .Values.containers approach. For compatibility reasons devspace will still fill the .Values.containers.configImageKey.image fields during runtime.
  • New configs.yaml (more information on
    You are now able to specify multiple configurations in the configs.yaml. If configs.yaml does not exist it will just use the old config.yaml. The format is:
    path: mypath1.yaml
  - path: myoverride1.yaml
  - data:
          image: ${ImageName}
  - name: ImageName
    question: Please specify the image url
  - path: myoverride1.yaml

You can list all configs with the devspace list configs command. You can change the active config via devspace use config config2.

  • Config variables (more information on
    You are now able to specify variables within the config to make it more dynamic. For example you are now able to specify a config that looks like this:
    - name: ${DeploymentName}
          myValue: ${MyVariable}
    Variables have the form ${Name} and devspace will try to get the value from an environment variable in the form of DEVSPACE_VAR_NAME. If there is no such environment variable found, devspace will ask the user to input them after it loaded the active config. The variable values are stored in the genrated.yaml and are user specific and should not be checked in. You can also define a custom question, default value and regex validation pattern either in the configs.yaml under the configName.vars key or in the vars.yaml if there is only a single config.
  • Complete rework of the devspace cloud: (more information on provisions private hosted kubernetes namespaces for your application. You are also now able to use a private docker registry for your docker images at ( In addition you are now also able to connect custom domains and monitor your namespaces within

Other changes:

Command Changes:

  • devspace analyze - analyzes the current namespace for problems
  • devspace logs - prints the logs and attaches to the specified terminal pod
  • devspace update config - converts the config into the newest version
  • devspace dev - renamed devspace up command (up still works but is now deprecated)
  • devspace purge - renamed devspace down command (down still works but is not deprecated)
  • devspace login - login to
  • devspace create/use/remove space - create/use/delete a private namespace within as target for deployment
  • devspace list configs/spaces/vars

Config Changes:

  • Introduced new config version v1alpha2 (old version is automatically converted, you can also update the config via devspace update config)
  • devspace is now dev
  • moved deployments out of devspace to highest level
  • registries are now prepended to the image in the official form (e.g. instead of defining them separately at the registry level
  • tiller namespace was moved from top level to the helm configuration in deployments, so you are able to deploy to different tiller namespaces
  • it is now possible to specify multiple helm override value files in the config under deployments[].helm.overrides

Smaller changes

  • devspace now detects an active devspace in the parent folders if in the starting working directory no devspace configuration is found
  • devspace tries to rollback the helm chart after a failed deployment
  • reworked the devspace output
  • devspace purge/down now deletes the deployments in reverse order


  • adjusted all examples to the new changes
  • completely reworked documentation (New documentation available at
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@LukasGentele LukasGentele released this Feb 25, 2019

Merge pull request #469 from devspace-cloud/new-docs

New docs + new README
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