We are the team of enthusiasts and professionals. We develop web products using modern technologies including JavaScript, Vue.js, WebSocket, GraphQL and more.

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  1. vue-circle-slider

    Circle slider component for Vue.js

    Vue 140 30

  2. vue-google-charts

    Reactive Vue.js wrapper for Google Charts lib

    JavaScript 122 21

  3. vue-async-operations

    Managing async operations statuses in your Vue components

    JavaScript 25

  4. vue-layout-broker

    Component provides the way to implement dynamic layout in a Vue app

    JavaScript 23 2

  5. vue-textarea-autosize

    Vue component provides textarea with automatically adjustable height and without any wrappers and dependencies

    JavaScript 46 16

  6. enum-object

    A JavaScript Enum object type that allows to easily create enums from arrays or objects, and offers developer friendly interface.

    JavaScript 1

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