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Copybook to JSON conversion.

This library converts a fixed-width data stream into its JSON equivalent using a Copybook to define both structures.


git clone
cd cb2java
mvn install
cd ..
git clone
cd cb2json
mvn install

Include the JAR file in your Java project pom.xml:


or your Leiningen project.clj:

[net.devstopfix.cb2json/cb2json "1.1"]


  • Create an instance of the Copybook class using the CopybookParser object or the Copybooks helper
  • Use the functions of CB2JSON, one parameter will be your Copybook, the others will be your input and output streams


This library is currently in the first of three versions. The functionality remains the same but the implementation details and performance vary:

Version 1

A simple prototype that makes many internal data conversions:

Version 2

Possible improvements:

Version 3