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JBehave Story Syntax - Sublime Text & TextMate plugin

A plugin for Sublime Text 2 and TextMate.

JBehave is a Behaviour Driven Development framework for the Java platform that allows business persons to write an automatable description of the behaviour of an application or system:

The language and its grammar represents the shared understanding of the behaviour between the business users and the development team. And as any language it evolves with the evolution of this shared understanding. BDD provides the grammar, but the language is agreed between the business and the team.

The JBehave grammar is defined in EBNF at their website.

This plugin colors the story text allows visual identification of subtle errors such as failing to capitalize the 'and' keyword used to start a new step in the story.


  • GivenStories

Known Issue

This pattern could be improved:

{   name = 'entity.section';  
  match = '^(Narrative|Scenario)\b';

Ideally it should only match keywords with a trailing colon, but these patterns do not match:

{ name = 'entity.section';
  match = '^(Narrative|Scenario)\:\b';

{ name = 'entity.section';
  match = '^(Narrative|Scenario)[\:]\b';

{ name = 'entity.section';
  match = '^(Narrative|Scenario)[\x3A]\b';

The last example should match the colon according to MacroMates regular expressions but we get this error:

invalid regular expression for 'match'-key 
(too short multibyte code string for pattern