A Leiningen plugin that eases Clojure on IronWorker dev
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A Leiningen plugin that uploads your project jar to IronWorker.


This plugin relies on the iron_worker_ng gem. Make sure it is installed and configured on your system.

[lein-worker "0.1.1"]

Put the dependency in the :plugins vector of either your project.clj or your :user profile.


From your project directory, run:

$ lein worker

This will:

  1. Generate a project-name.worker file in target based on Iron.io's Writing Workers in Java
  2. Generate an uberjar in the target directory using lein uberjar
  3. Upload the jar by running iron_worker upload target/project-name.worker

Individual subtasks also exist.

$ lein help worker
Default behavior for `lein worker` will prepare a workerfile and uberjar then upload it to IronWorker.
Use available subtasks for more fine-grained control.

Subtasks available:
run         Run remote worker on IronWorker
prepare     Preapre a workerfile and uberjar
upload      Upload uberjar to IronWorker
run-local   Run the worker locally

Run `lein help worker $SUBTASK` for subtask details.

Arguments: ([run] [prepare] [upload] [run-local])

N.B. You must run lein worker prepare before trying out your worker with lein worker run-local every time you make changes to your code. lein worker run-local runs the uberjar in your target directory. Because of the slowness of this workflow, it's better to use your normal testing or REPL-driven workflow and only verify with lein worker run-local before uploading to IronWorker and running it remotely.


  • Run the worker remotely


Copyright © 2014 Trevor Hartman

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0.