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commit 13315782a47e342941b154ea3dd9434698f9d915 1 parent 68d4028
@devth authored
Showing with 13 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +13 −1 src/tentacles/repos.clj
14 src/tentacles/repos.clj
@@ -402,4 +402,16 @@
user repo event)
"hub.callback" callback}
(when-let [secret (:secret options)]
- {"hub.secret" secret}))})))
+ {"hub.secret" secret}))})))
+;; ## Repo Contents API
+(defn readme
+ "Get the preferred README for a repository."
+ [user repo options]
+ (api-call :get "repos/%s/%s/readme" [user repo] options))
+(defn contents
+ "Get the contents of any file or directory in a repository."
+ [user repo path options]
+ (api-call :get "repos/%s/%s/contents/%s" [user repo path] options))
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