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I2C Slave library

Table of contents

  1. What is this library?
  2. Contents of this library
  3. Supported devices
  4. Functions in this library

1. What is this library?

This library is an I2C slave library which uses the TWI peripheral inside the AVR microcontroller to establish connections using the I2C protocol

2. Contents of this library

The library contains the following files:

  • main.c
  • I2C_slave.c
  • I2C_slave.h

This is a piece of example code which prints out the first index of the buffer to show that the slave device acts as an EEPROM.


This file contains all the function declarations to setup and work with the TWI hardware peripheral inside the AVR. It takes care of the interrupt handling and receiving the bytes.

Make sure you add this source file to your Makefile!


This file contains the function prototypes

This file has to be included in your source file

3. Supported devices

Though I have only tested this library on an ATmega328P it should be running on all major ATmega AVRs like:

  • ATmega644
  • ATmega32
  • ATmega16
  • ATmega328/P
  • ATmega168/P
  • ATmega88/P
  • ATmega44/P
  • ATmega8

If your device is not supported you can probably adapt this library easily to your needs by having a look at the your device's datasheet and changing the register names appropriately

The ATtiny range of microcontrolles is not supported as they only provide a USI peripheral which is completely different from the TWI peripheral used on the other controllers

4. Functions in this library

  • void I2C_init(uint8_t address)
  • void I2C_stop(void)
void I2C_init(uint8_t address)

This function needs to be called only once to set up the TWI to respond to the address passed into the function

Note that you have to include the avr/interrupt.h and you have to globally enable interrupts with sei() for this library to work

void I2C_stop(void)

This function disables the TWI peripheral completely and therefore isolates the device from the bus

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