The In-Progress DevTools version of Firefox’s Photon Design System.
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Photon Design System Build Status


  • docker

To preview your changes (with hot-reloading!):

Check out a copy of the repository, and go to that directory. Then run:

$ docker pull praqma/gh-pages
$ docker run --name photon -d -v $PWD/jekyll:/home/jenkins -p 4000:4000 praqma/gh-pages || docker start photon
$ docker exec -it photon jekyll serve --watch --host=

and open up http://localhost:4000/photon/

When you're done, you can hit ctrl-c to stop the docker exec command, and then run docker stop to stop the container. If you want to resume working on it, you can run:

$ docker start photon
$ docker exec -it photon jekyll serve --watch --host=

Once you have something you like, it's time to share it with the rest of us!

To get your changes merged:

  • Make sure you're working on staging, and submit the pull request to there. All our commits go through the staging site before being pushed to master.
  • Make your pull request as small as possible (so it's easier to review and merge them).
  • If it's something that needs to be merged as soon as possible, add a tag (e.g. urgent).