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DevTools RFCs

Some changes to DevTools need feedback from the team and community to reach a consensus. In such a case you should use this repository to discuss the change proposal.

The DevTools RFC process aims to be lightweight and focused on conversations. Therefore opening a DevTools RFC is as easy as opening an issue in this repository to discuss the proposal.

The DevTools RFC team will be ultimately responsible for accepting or rejecting a change proposal, but the discussion is open to everybody.

The list of RFCs currently under discussion can be found at: Active RFCs.

Creating RFCs

  • Create an issue with the "proposal" label
  • Get people's attention. Some options:
    • Send an email to dev-developer-tools
    • Post on Slack or on #devtools at irc.mozilla.org
    • mention relevant peers in the issue
  • Gather feedback by discussing in the issue

Reviewing RFCs

Each week the DevTools RFC team will attempt to review some set of open RFC issues. Reviewed RFCs will also be mentioned in the weekly DevTools team meeting (see archives for devtools-weekly-meetings).

The team will send an email a few days prior to the review meeting to dev-developer-tools to announce which RFCs are likely to be reviewed, and encourage peers to comment if needed.

Closing RFCs

After a proposal has been discussed and consensus has been reached, the DevTools core team will label the issue either as accepted or rejected, and will add a comment that summarizes the decision.

Accepted RFCs remain open until an item is created to track the implementation of the change. This item can be a bug in Bugzilla, an issue on another GitHub repository, etc…

Once an action has been logged, the accepted RFC is closed and labeled in-progress. The DevTools core team will try to regularly check accepted RFCs still marked as in-progress to see if they can be unblocked or need to be discussed again.

When the action is implemented, the in-progress label is removed and the RFC is considered as completed.

RFC lifecyle

Checkout the issue lists below to see which RFCs are in each state: