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How to Contribute

Devtron is Apache 2.0 licensed and accepts contributions via GitHub pull requests. This document outlines some of the conventions on development workflow, commit message formatting, contact points and other resources to make it easier to get your contribution accepted.

We gratefully welcome improvements to issues and documentation as well as to code.

Certificate of Origin

By contributing to this project you agree to the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO). This document was created by the Linux Kernel community and is a simple statement that you, as a contributor, have the legal right to make the contribution. No action from you is required, but it's a good idea to see the DCO file for details before you start contributing code to Devtron.


The project uses discord for communication:

To join the conversation, simply join the discord and use the #contrib channel.

Code Structure

Devtron has following components

  • devtron main co-ordinating engine
  • git-sensor microservice for watching and interacting with git
  • ci-runner Devtron runner for executing jobs
  • guard A kubernetes validating webhook for policy inforcement
  • imge-scanner microservice for docker image vulnerability scanning
  • kubewatch microservice for k8s event filtering and recording
  • lens microservice for performing analytical task
  • dashboard UI for devtron written in react js

Contribute Helm Charts

Contribute your helm charts for the devtron community for upcoming community charts feature