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IDA Plugins

Collection of IDA plugins that I've written to help with RE work.

To install all plugins, run:

$ python ./ /path/to/your/ida/install/directory

To install only selected plugins, just drop the .py file(s) into IDA's plugins directory.


  • Finds paths between two or more functions
  • Generates interactive call graphs
  • Fully scriptable


  • Defines ASCII strings that IDA's auto analysis missed
  • Defines functions/code that IDA's auto analysis missed
  • Converts all undefined bytes in the data segment into DWORDs (thus allowing IDA to resolve function and jump table pointers)


  • Highlights all call instructions in an IDB.


  • Assists in identifying standard POSIX functions in MIPS/ARM code.


  • Finds references from within the current function to any highlighted text


  • Names stack variables used by the compiler for storing registers on the stack, simplifying stack data analysis (MIPS only)


  • Allows you to search for suitable ROP gadgets in MIPS executable code (MIPS only)


  • Performs function signature generation and matching to identify common functions between different IDBs