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The sasquatch project is a set of patches to the standard unsquashfs utility (part of squashfs-tools) that attempts to add support for as many hacked-up vendor-specific SquashFS implementations as possible.

If the vendor has done something simple like just muck a bit with the header fields, sasquatch should sort it out.

If the vendor has made changes to the underlying LZMA compression options, or to how these options are stored in the compressed data blocks, sasquatch will attempt to automatically resolve such customizations via a brute-force method.

Additional advanced command line options have been added for testing/debugging.

Very beta.


You need a C/C++ compiler, plus the liblzma, liblzo and zlib development libraries:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential liblzma-dev liblzo2-dev zlib1g-dev


The included script will download squashfs-tools v4.3, patch the source, then build and install sasquatch:

$ ./