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GetSet is a data container system that is used by many internal Parable classes. It's used for HTTP request data such as GET, POST, etc., but also for setting session messages with \Parable\Framework\SessionMessage and passing data internally through \Parable\GetSet\Internal. Some of them use PHP Superglobals, and some only use local resources.

GetSet types

Class Type Purpose
\Parable\GetSet\Cookie superglobal Work with cookies,
\Parable\GetSet\Env superglobal Work with environment variables.
\Parable\GetSet\Files superglobal Work with file uploads.
\Parable\GetSet\Get superglobal Work with GET values.
\Parable\GetSet\InputStream local resource Work with values in the HTTP request body, as happens for PUT and PATCH requests.
\Parable\GetSet\Internal local resource Make it easy to pass data from one point of an application to another (i.e. controller > view).
\Parable\GetSet\Post superglobal Work with POST values.
\Parable\GetSet\Server superglobal Work with SERVER values.
\Parable\GetSet\Session superglobal Work with the session. Also allows starting/ending/etc.