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ORM Query

The Query class is the heart of the ORM system. It's a query builder and builds and outputs queries that are compatible with MySQL and SQLite.

Basic Usage

Query itself does nothing with the database, except for escaping values through \Parable\ORM\Database::quote(), which in itself uses PDO::quote(). If no database instance is available, it uses soft quoting instead, adding single quotes where needed, unless it's disabled.

$query = \Parable\ORM\Query::createInstance();

$query->where("id", "=", 1);

$result = $database->query($query);

Soft quoting can be disabled by setting the parable.database.soft-quoting config setting to false or calling setSoftQuoting(false) on the database instance at any point.


Query supports only the 4 most basic actions: select, insert, update and delete. For anything more involved, you can either extend Query and add them, or you should do it without the use of Query.