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An annotation tool for action labeling in videos. Best for machine learning/computer vision action recognition research.
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Action Annotation Tool


In this tool, you could add your videos, and then, label them. The output of this tool is an *.aucvl file (which is nothing more than a json file containing the application state).


This application is built on top of Electron and AngularJS. Thus, it is usable on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


0. Prerequisites

You should have Node and NPM installed on your machine.

1. Clone the repository

git clone

2. Install the dependencies

npm install

3. Run the application

npm start

Why use it?

Keyboard Shortcuts

When labeling a video, you want to be as efficient as possible. Using shortcuts was extremely efficient in that process. Here is a list of all of the shortcuts:

Shortcut Description
ctrl+k Focus on the labeling text box. This also pauses the video at the current moment/second/millisecond.
ctrl+n Adds a new video. Prompts an open dialog where you could select a new video file.
ctrl+l Focuses on the "create new label" text box. Whenever a new label is added, it becomes available immediately in the classification text box (accessible through ctrl+k).
ctrl+left Moves one second to the left (of a playing video).
ctrl+right Moves one second to the right (of a playing video).
ctrl+p Pauses the currently playing video.


Home Page

Welcome Page

Labeling Page

Labeling Page

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