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A Python reimplementation of some of the functionality of InflatableDonkey's iOS 9 iCloud Proof of Concept code
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IOS 9 iCloud Proof of Concept

This is a (probably poor) reimplementation of some of the functionality of InflatableDonkey in Python 2.7 for folks that want to play with trying to recover iOS 9 iCloud backups in Python. For more information on what this is all about see the InflatableDonkey project and this iLoot issue.

The code is far from "production quality" and is just a Proof of Concept for hacking on.


First, create a virtualenv, as one is wont to do. E.g.:

mkvirtualenv ios9_icloud_poc --no-site-packages

Then install the requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Usage [-d <device> -s <snapshot> -m <manifest>] (<token> | <appleid> <password>) --token <appleid> <password> (-h | --help) --version

  -d,--device <int>     Device, default: 0 = first device
  -s,--snapshot <int>   Snapshot, default: 0 = first snapshot
  -m,--manifest <int>   Manifest, default: 0 = first manifest
  --token               Display dsPrsID:mmeAuthToken token and exit
  -h --help             Show this screen
  --version             Show version


horrorho for inflatableDonkey, and everyone that is credited there

hackappcom for iLoot

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