Schedim is a reference implementation of a game created with the Little Goblin Grails plugin.
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Schedim: a browser game

Schedim is a reference implementation for the Little Goblin Grails plugin. The documentation of Little Goblin provides a step-by-step explanation how to build a game, using Schedim as an example.

Since the work on both the framework and the game is far from finished, this is a work in progress.


This software is licensed under the Apache License 2.0, which means you can use it free of charge in commercial and non-commercial products. Just remember: you must always include the copyright notice as specified in the file.

Open source components contained therein may have different (but generally compatible) Licenses like LGPL or BSD.

This is a Grails 2.4 application running on Java 8.

This code may link to images on the web which have their own copyright and licenses, which you should consider and review before going public with a game based upon LittleGoblin. Generally, it's best if you use your own images (and the ones supplied inside the WAR file).

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